Ad Code Setup

Here you will find a guide to setting up everything you need to host banners on your website and start earning credits


To host banners on your site you will need to know a couple of things.

Firstly you will need to select the size of the banner you want to host. This should match the size of the space available on your website. Picking the incorrect size relative to the space on your website can result in some wonky things happening to your site. Also keep in mind that certain banner sizes are more popular than others, with 250x250, 300x250 and 468x60 being the most popular by far.

Secondly, you will need to know where on your site you want the banner to display. When you generate ad code you will be given an html element which looks something like:

<div id='bannerlyXXX'></div>

The XXX portion will automatically be replaced by an identifier when you generate your code. This div is where the banner will be loaded into by the script


The next step is to include the path to the banner script, which looks something like:

<script src=''></script>

The XXX portions will automatically be replaced by identifiers when you generate your code. This script should be placed near the closing body tag

If you are having trouble setting up your ad hosting code, feel free to contact us